Ambrotek Printing
The Beginning…

Ambrotek Corporation was founded in 2013 and by 2014 had launched a very unique printing brokerage called Ambrotek Printing. The mission is simple, to provide companies with affordable and effective solutions for their custom printing projects. With very little overhead and a well connected base of trade only printers, Ambrotek Printing is capable of providing virtually any printing product with huge savings to our clients.

Since day one we have worked hard to grow the business by expanding our services and available products. Today we are proud to provide high quality products in the following categories, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and free delivery: Marketing Materials, Large Format Printing, Signs and Banners, Promotional Items, Custom Clothing, and recently, Digital Billboards.

We are best known for our 24/7 support, competitive pricing and creative solutions…


The team at Ambrotek Printing is passionate about the printing industry and is obsessed with helping you reach your print media goals. Our team is online 24/7 living this industry to its fullest by providing value whenever possible. Every question, request or inquiry is treated with care, examined by professionals and replied to quickly with accurate information.


Ambrotek Printing has designed a unique business structure which allows the company to operate with very little overhead expenses. The company is mobile constantly moving back and forth between trade only suppliers and clients everywhere. This removes the need for a physical address and results in significant savings by not having to pay monthly rent or utilities. The representatives on the road nearly 24/7 handle on site meetings, supplier pick-ups and deliveries. This structure has allowed us to provide very competitive pricing, graphics designing services at an affordable rate and free delivery to any location in Canada.


Quality is very important when choosing print products to build and promote your brand. Operating as a print brokerage means we work with many trade only print suppliers who are well established and known for keeping high standards of quality. Clients from all types of organizations rely on Ambrotek Printing for our service because the quality of the experience and products are beyond expectation. We offer free samples of the material and printing to anyone interested in seeing for themselves.


Ambrotek Printing provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee that we take very seriously. We will forever be consistent in providing strong customer service, dedication to quality, professional graphics designing services and free delivery. Our commitment shall always be to the client and everything important to you.